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November 24 2014

November 23 2014

November 17 2014

November 15 2014

November 14 2014

November 07 2014

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October 29 2014

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October 11 2014

October 10 2014

Natali sent the photo of her beautiful big boobs with the message: “Hurry up, I’m waiting!”She was surprised when her phone buzzed back. ”Wow, honey! You look hot!” her husband said. ”I don’t think I can make it all the way there in time, though!” She was in San Diego on business. ”How is the trip going?”She was glad she sent the text to her husband, but even more glad she fought the urge to tell him it had been meant for her boss. By the time her husband’s last text arrived, her boss was already between her legs, showing off his legendary oral skills.

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